Our exclusive fabrics

Our fabrics are printed using the traditional copper plate printing technique. The etched copper plate produces very fine and high quality prints, which are generally monochrome. The designs are chosen from ancient documents.


Price: 72 € TTC le ml
Width: 150 cm
Join: environ 78 cm


vert clair rose bleu clair jaune beige aubergine vert foncé bleu marine rouge

col 1 red, col 2 navy blue, col 3 dark green, col 4 dark purple, col 5 beige, col 7 yellow, col 8 light blue, col 9 pink, col 10 light green

Copper plate print. Engraving done by J.B. Huet around 1785.
The seasons are represented by a sled for winter, the tree of freedom for spring, harvest for summer and grape-harvesting for fall.

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