The workshop, the technical know-how

Since 1969,

using our traditional technical know-how and authentic materials we strive to answer our customers’ expectations.


In our own workshops,

we restore armchairs, settees and beds. We assist our customers in choosing fabrics, modern materials or leather that will be used to cover their furniture.

We are also experts in

putting wallpaper up, window decorating (curtains, blinds, Japanese-style partitions, and net curtains), leather and repairing and making woolen mattresses, bed bases and down or sponge Bultex® cushions…

Grégoire de Quillacq
  Grégoire de Quillacq, upholsterer trained by the famous ‘Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France, belongs to the new generation of craftsmen who combine traditional technical know-how with modern trends and designs. In 2005 he opened his first workshop in Ollioules, a village in the Var region that was awarded the title ‘Ville des métiers d’Art’ (Town of Crafts). He strives to answer his customers’ expectations and goes to meet them wherever they may be: from Paris to Aix-en-Provence, from Marseille to St Tropez and from Cannes to Monte-Carlo!

His traditional technical know-how and the fact that he uses authentic materials guarantee the quality of his work. He is in expert in using horse hair to restore any types of chairs, settees and beds, in restoring and making woolen mattresses, in making custom-made down or sponge Bultex® cushions, in making custom-made window decoration (curtains, blinds, Japanese-style partitions, and net curtains) in curtain rails and fittings, in putting wallpaper up, and in restoring furniture.

Grégoire de Quillacq strives to minimize his impact on the environment by limiting the use of synthetic materials and preferring the use of natural fibers, such as hemp, jute, animal and plant hair, kapok, feather and cotton, and ‘hot’ glues made of nerves or bone, a technique dating back to the XVIth century!

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