Our exclusive fabrics

Our fabrics are printed using the traditional copper plate printing technique. The etched copper plate produces very fine and high quality prints, which are generally monochrome. The designs are chosen from ancient documents.


Reference: PI71662
Price 2014: 128.50 € TTC le ml
Width: 100 cm
Join: 45 cm droit


rouge bois or vert bleu marine
col 1 navy blue, col 2 red, col 3 green, col 4 gold,
col 5 brown

Jean PILLEMENT (1728-1808) was a famous artist, who was invited and appreciated by many European courts, such as Poland, England and Portugal. In France he was granted the title of the ‘Peintre de Marie-Antoinette’ (the queen Marie-Antoinette’s appointed painter). His famous Chinese style wooden panels were engraved by many. He published a book of ‘imaginary flowers’ that inspired many artists of that time.
In 1767 he published a collection of around 200 original drawings and designs, of which 80 were chosen for this toile printed some 20 years after the publishing of the collection. The mythological dodo bird from Mauritius, heavy and incapable of flying, for instance can be spotted amongst other amusing designs.
Jouy manufacture, around 1787.

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