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Our fabrics are printed using the traditional copper plate printing technique. The etched copper plate produces very fine and high quality prints, which are generally monochrome. The designs are chosen from ancient documents.


Reference: BG71348
Price 2014 : 82 € TTC le ml Price en baisse
Width: 95 cm
Join: 98 cm sauté


bistre noir vert bleu marine rouge
col 1 red, col 2 navy blue, col 3 green, col 4 black,
col 5 brown

This scene illustrates hot-air balloon experiences in 1783. Two episodes are represented on this fabric.
On August 23rd 1783 a hot-air balloon without passengers takes off for the first time from the Champ de Mars. A huge crowd watches the event. This balloon created by the Robert brothers, measures 12 feet and 2 inches in diameter and is made of silk and varnished with rubber. Using Charles process, the balloon is inflated with hydrogen. After a successful take off, the balloon travels north and crashes in a small town: Gonesse, near its church, St Peter. Terrorized, the people destroy the balloon with forks and shotguns.
On December 1st 1783 Jacques Alexandre César Charles, and Nicolas Louis Robert, take off in their hot-air balloon at 1:45pm from the Tuileries and land at 3:45pm in a prairie 9 leagues away from Paris, between Nesles and Hédouville. The official report is written by Mr Charles and signed by Mr Charles, Mr Robert, Jean Burgatet, priest of Nesles, Charles Philippet, priest of Frénoi, and Thomas Ilutin, priest of Hédouville. The Duke of Chartres and Mr de Fitz-James arrive 15 minutes after the landing and also sign the official report. At 4:15pm Mr Charles takes off once again and lands about a quarter of a league away in a plot of fallow land. That evening he joins Sir Josias Farrer, who had followed the balloon on horseback.
Jouy Manufacture, 1784.

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