Our exclusive fabrics

Our fabrics are printed using the traditional copper plate printing technique. The etched copper plate produces very fine and high quality prints, which are generally monochrome. The designs are chosen from ancient documents.


Reference: TB72428
Price 2014: 128.50 € TTC le ml
Width:90 cm
Join: 100 cm sauté


vert noir bleu rouge
col 1 red, col 2 blue, col 3 black, col 4 green

This toile represents the signature of the treaty of Amiens on March 27 1802 marking France’s victory over England. For the first time in a long time, peace prevails in Europe. Bonaparte is Consul. The optimistic designer of this toile thinks that this time of peace will last: he shows soldiers sitting by their tents playing cards and the ‘Republic’, symbolized by a woman on a throne, ordering the woman to destroy the arrows.
In Egypt Bonaparte, victorious once again, offers a limited independence to Mourad-Bey and to the Mameluks. After the constitution of year X, the Consul presents the members of the new assembly to France.

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