Our exclusive fabrics

Our fabrics are printed using the traditional copper plate printing technique. The etched copper plate produces very fine and high quality prints, which are generally monochrome. The designs are chosen from ancient documents.


Reference: LB72339
Price 2014: 128.50 € TTC le ml
Width: 100 cm
Join: 100 cm sauté


noir rouge
col 1 green, col 3 noir

Drawing from Jean Baptiste Huet (around 1790).
When this drawing was started it was supposed to represent the peak of Louis XVI’s reign but then the French Revolution broke out and the theme was considered inappropriate. The original design represented symbolically, for instance, ‘religion’ by a veiled woman in between two warriors with a crucifix in her hand. Oberkampf therefore decided to make some adjustments on the copper printing plate: a group of angels were replaced by the towers of the Bastille, ‘religion’ was replaced by ‘freedom’ by removing the crucifix and changing the two warriors into Mars and Minerva, and he wrote on a banner ‘Louis XVI restorer of freedom’. A shield decorated with lilies, symbolizing royalty, was also removed and a bourgeois wearing the French national cocked hat (‘tricorne’) replaced a peasant.
Jouy Manufacture, around 1790.

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